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Great orange flavor, solid 3hr pump and a slow come down. I really liked how much energy and focus this had rather than a bunch of caffeine like other pre workouts I've tried. The top pre workout products on Amazon are crap compared to this, trust me I've tried them all. Definitely DO NOT take 2 scoops if are new to pre workouts or have cycled off for a few weeks, this stuff hits hard and you'll be jacked all day. Can't wait to see how this product evolves over the next few years!

A company that offers you the chance to use the clinical doses of ingredients, shows their full ingredient lists, and makes supplements that work? Yeah, I'm a fan.

Best pre workout evvvaaaa!!! 🙂

Great preworkout. Good effect and easy to drink.

Will be getting more soon.

Best tasting product line I have ever bought. Gained incredible pumps while working out due to BCAA Supplement. The pre workout gave energy to continue my workout with an intensity and determination. As a 55 year old male I would recommend this product for young adults and for people in their later years. Incredible product line.

Razor sharp focus, prolonged clean energy, insane pumps, no crash. Best pre workout ever.

I am the type of person who likes to try a new preworkout monthly in search of the one that I like the best. The flavor of Galvanize was pretty great, it mixed well, and I really felt the effects early on in my workout. Normally after 2 or 3 working sets I start to get fatigued and have to lower weight. With this product I had the focus and endurance to keep going and even add weight on those last few sets. If you want a PRE that has the nutrients you need and are clinically dosed this is the product for you!!

I love the grape flavor. It mixed well and overall I enjoyed it during my workout. My only issue was the flavor was so good that I wanted to keep drinking it like it was Gatorade. Another great product from Clinical Labs

Love the focus. Sensitive to stims, so one scoop is plenty for me.

I've never tried any pre workout supplements before, so I can't make any comparisons. I do know that after a week, I can still only take 1 scoop. But if I do so on an empty stomach, it makes me ill. The boost to energy makes my gym time fly by and my pumps are almost painful. I don't really pay attention to flavor or anything - I just want results. It is really easy to mix up though and has no harsh crash. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Great lasting clean energy and pump

Definitely a great preworkout.

The effects are amazing, workouts have been good and consistent, and on top of that the orange burst is delicious.

Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

I'm someone who likes a strong but not overwhelming pre workout. This galvanized IMO is better than Arez OG. This galvanized provides better pumps and the focus is something I've never experienced. It's strong but not ridiculously overbearing. It's truly a great product and I plan to support this small American company and hope to see their product line grow. No jitters, no racing heart, no palpitations, and i it doesn't suppress my appetite like Arez OG does. Truly one of the best I've tried.

Great product. Very clean, clear energy. Not jittery and this has just the right amount of ingredients. You aren't going to find quality supplements like this at a big box store. Support the small companies that are doing big things ??

Best products I have ever taken. I definitely noticed a difference and my first workout with these products was my best in ten years.

I really enjoy this preworkout. The taste is great and the energy is strong and sustained over a long period of time. I highly recommend this preworkout in general and for those that get sick from alpha-yo.

Amazing preworkout with a full profile. I like that its not loaded up with cadffeine and that there is no alpha yohimbe. No jitters or crash at all and the energy lasted a good 3-4 hours.

This is a honest review. I'm a so called stim junkie and I bought this product based on YouTube review from fitness deals reviews. The first few days I did the 2 scoop serving and unfortunately I didn't feel much which was very disappointing. But I decided to take to 2 heaping scoops and then I noticed the benefits. Good energy but the standout benefit was laser focus and mind muscle connection. I was motivated to push myself. I got the orange flavor which is good. My only negative is the price. The tub only provides 20 servings for the price of 50 bucks !

Hands down best pre-work supplement I have used since I began lifting 15 years ago. It is clear that a lot of thought went into the ingredients as I've seen nothing else on the market that compares. Within about 5 minutes of taking it I go from feeling lazy to what I imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger felt as he entered a gym back in the 60s and 70s. The source of energy remains strong throughout the entire workout. The pump feels like I could continue lifting at full strength for hours. Have to be careful though, I hit it so hard the first day I used this that my body was sore all over for about a week. I'm going to have to get the post-workout, which I've heard is also amazing. Highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to max their potential in the gym!

Great tasting and really noticed a difference in my workout with this product. 5 stars hands down!

This stuff is really good!

This product is absolutely amazing. I have tried numerous amounts of products in the past and this one by far is the best I have ever had. I did not feel jittery before, during, or after the workout. I also did not crash at the end like most products tend to make me do. This product is worth every penny.

Some of the best aminos out there. The taste was amazing and wasn't to sweet which is a problem with most of the other aminos today. You could tell these guys put a lot of thought into making this product. Excited to see what else they put out

What a fantastic line of Products this team has produced. I am an Army veteran with degrees in exercise sciences so I am no stranger to the supplement world. I have a tried hundreds of supplements both pre/post workout but after one of my deployments I came back to the states with a VERY sensitive gut to the point I stopped taking all workout supplements.

Thru quality ingredients and cutting back on fillers Clinical Labs has created a product that I can enjoy before, during, and after my workout that is very effective and I know I will not be puking up.

Galvanize (orange burst) - I take this on my way to the gym. It has a very mild flavor not too pungent. It doesn't give me the jitters or shakes like most pre-workouts do. And the best part is is very gentle on my stomach.

Reconstruct (grape-ade) is an awesome all purpose supplement (I use it during and after my workout) that has everything the body needs to recover. It also has a very mild flavoring that allows me to sip it enjoyingly throughout my workout. It is also very easy on my gut (no nausea whatsoever). Because it has a considerable amount of protein in it, I can cut back on my protein shake to save some money which is nice. And the best part is there is no crash, just a smooth charge of energy for the rest of my day.

This is, hands down, the best tasting supplement out there...and I've tried a lot of them. The lemondrop flavor and the grape intra-workout are fantastic. The pre-workout kicks in within 15-30 minutes of taking it and provides a ton of energy throughout your workout.

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