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Great product. Will buy again!

Best pre workout I’ve ever used

This stuff is the real deal. Great focus. Huge pumps. Intense but smooth energy with no crash. This is hands down the best pre workout I’ve ever used

Product works amazing

Digestion Aid

Product works great! With in the first 3 days my gut bloating started dissipate. I'll be send a full report over once I've finished.


Great focus, euphoric energy with no jitters and awesome pump. I recommend using the 2 scoops serving size.

un galvanized

bought it because, well, BOGO plus I had high hopes it would pump it up. doesnt do anything. very light. dont understand.


Loving it so far! One of the best I've had.

All around

Fantastic all around pre workout. Solid pumps. Great energy that lifts you up for 2 hours then sets you down without crash.


was excited to try the product after all the great review but was severely disappointed at little to no results.


Great energy

Provided great energy throughout my workout and I just had a mentality that was focused in and didn’t want to rest! I was able to bust out more reps with more weight.

Customer Service Rocks

I recently ordered my 2nd batch of Galvanize because I liked it that much. It's not too much caffeine and provides plenty of energy of focus for my workouts. The 2nd batch came in and was very clumpy so I let them know about the order just to make sure it was still safe to use. They responded quickly and sent out a new batch right away. Their customer service rocks and I'll be ordering again when I run out. I am also using their Reconstruct as an intra workout drink. All flavors of both products are great, especially the grape for Reconstruct.

The best !

Literally the best all around preworkout out there, the focus, energy and pumps are awesome it'll have you killing your workout !!

Galvanize Pre workout

Upon receipt , I followed the instructions on the container . I started with one scoop . While I felt a mild energy increase and focus . I didn’t feel a surge and rush of energy that I wanted . On my second workout I tried 2 scoops and I felt the energy and focus I needed , but I
Sputtered our on my last set . I decided to try 2.5 scoops in 16 oz of water . This was the dosage I hit a home run with . I lifted with the intensity and focus of a Gorilla and felt great all the way through my workout , strong , confident and above all did an all time PR best in my Squat !! I’m very happy with this product .A word of caution, this is the amount that works for me . I don’t suggest you do like me . Please follow the instructions on the label , each person is different .

Galvanize preworkout

The perfect preworkout for after a hard day's work,
to get a good workout done. But you still want to sleep at night.

Great PWO backed by science

Really have enjoyed this product and it’s contents. No fillers and much of it’s ingredients are back by scientific evidence. As a healthcare profession, I look into a lot of products and their ingredients to ensure that I’m not just wasting my money on random ingredients. Gives me great energy, focus, and a pump without a crash. Only drawback is the cost. Which I which there were more coupon codes or deals. Other than that, highly recommend!!


Awesome pre workout, great pump


Customer service was outstanding and the preworkout not only does what it claims but it also tastes great!


Galvanized pwo

Top 5 I pwo I ever had. And I was around for the OJ jack3d


Great tasting! Awesome muscle building stack when paired with Galvanize!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽Really a product I believe in! Let me know when you guys start an Athlete Sponsorship program 💯💯💯

Excellent Pre Workout!

Galvanized has quickly become my go to preworkout! The taste is a pleasant orange, it reminds me of a cross between tang and orange juice. Energy comes on smooth and peaks about an hour after consumption, it’s a very clean energy but yet powerful! Gives a great pump and vascularity. Overall 9.5 out of 10. 👍🏻

Galvanize and reconstruct

Awesome products! Great tasting and soluble. Some of the best pumps I've had with any pre-workout!💪🏽 Also with laser like focus! Really great products!💯💯💯 I'll be definitely interested in a sponsorship with this company! Wait til I win USA Nationals in July and earn my pro card🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Keep your 👀 on @187onnabarbell

Worth every penny!!


Best pre I’ve tried hands down and I e tried them all

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