Our Story

Clinical Labs is a premium product line of research-based supplements with full label transparency. Our products include only proven, often branded top-quality ingredients included for their effectiveness and formulated for maximum taste and mixability. That being said, we have aimed to make our price points reasonable and give consumers real value. In fact if you compare our doses to industry leaders, our pricing for what you get is extremely competitive if not lower than for similar products, despite offering only premium products in our line.

Our two founders have both trained and used countless supplements for many years. And while new supplement companies enter the market all the time, we still felt we have something unique to offer. While we are pleased to see more companies shift from proprietary blends and some using clinically proven ingredients at efficacious doses, this is still not the industry norm. We continue to see a lot of companies over promise with their marketing but underdeliver with their effectiveness. We tend to see products that may taste good but don’t really work, that work but have side effects (ex: anxiety from too many stimulants), include ingredients or dosages that don’t make sense for the formula, etc. Our goal is to create products with no negatives, that work, that taste great, that you can feel good about taking from a health standpoint. It’s a challenge – it takes longer to formulate and is more expensive to produce – but this is our philosophy and will hold ourselves to this standard for all products we release.

Clinical Labs’ product formulations begin with the clinical research of supplement ingredients. The research is carefully analyzed to distinguish between mere hype and demonstrable improvements in exercise performance. From that we develop initial product formulations, which are then thoroughly tested in a variety of workouts and sampling runs for effectiveness, taste, and mixability. We consider this feedback, then refine the products until we sincerely believe they are one of if not the very best in their respective product category.

Our product line launched with a preworkout – Galvanize – and an intraworkout/recovery product – Reconstruct. More products will be released following the same rigorous development process, including some innovations the supplement industry has not yet seen. For anyone interested in top-quality supplements we ask that you give us a shot and stay tuned, because this is only the start!

Our Story

Austin Brasfield & Ted Houlehan

Clinical Labs co-founders

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