Ingredients Used

Clinical Labs bases all of its product formulations on scientific research. Here is that research, summarized by our co-founders and product formulators.


Below are general categories of ingredients by primary use. Within each category are individual ingredients. Please click on an individual ingredient to learn more about it: ingredient overview, main use(s), links to clinical research studies, the clinical (AKA effective) dose, and more.


Don’t be intimidated: the ingredient summaries have translated the hard science into easy-to-understand language. The goal is for you to understand why we have selected the ingredients, dosages, and in some cases the particular versions that we have – and how all this will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Be informed about what is in your supplements… and what you put in your body!


– Austin & Ted, Clinical Labs


Strength & Power

Energy (Stimulants)

Focus (Nootropics)

Absorption / Digestion

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