Product formulations based on clinical research so your workouts are fueled by science – not hype.

Scientifically-formulated nutritional supplements that taste great and really work!


  • Clinically-researched ingredients at clinically-effective doses. Translation = all formulations based on third party scientific testing, published and publically-available research
  • Formulations taken beyond the lab, workout-tested and calibrated for maximum efficacy
  • Great-tasting, “clean” products that do not upset stomach, overstimulate, etc.


  • Every ingredient and dosage fully listed. Easy to comprehend or show doctor what you are taking
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. in a GMP compliant and FDA inspected facility
  • 90+ percent active ingredients across product line: no harmful fillers or additives


  • Free shipping with every $99+ order (domestic/continental U.S.)
  • Simplified servings/directions, standardized across product line: 1 scoop = highly potent serving / 2 scoops = clinically-dosed & maximum recommended serving
  • The little things: bottle opening large enough for your hand, filled so you’re not paying for air, etc.


  • Absolutely no proprietary blends. Full effective doses of the highest-quality ingredients. Premium product formulations that cut no corners.
  • “Complete” all-in-one products that include what you need = use less product to achieve the desired effect
  • Absorption enhancer added to every product for maximum impact and bioavailability

Clinical Labs Supplements: Studied. Tested. Proven.

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